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Programme Main Content Notes Selective contents
Study abroad – Every year, IUH will announce the courses that recruit international exchange students.


– Students enrolled in courses included in IUH majors, which are taught in English.

Upon completion of the exchange program, students will be awarded with the credits for their studies and the scores they achieved will be recorded and transferred to the partner university.




Cultural contents

–Vietnamese in Practice

–Vietnamese culture

–Music and Guitar Basics



–Courses recognized in exchange programme between the two schools.

–Specialized courses

– Research Projects


–Extra activities

–Activities of Youth Union and Student Union

–Clubs’ activities

–Community activities

–Cultural Exchange activities

Study at IUH for 2 semesters
Study at IUH for 1 semester –  Specialized courses


– Research coordination

– Courses on students’ request (group of at least 15 students)

Internship program

(3 – 12 months)

– Internship at IUH


– Field trips at entrepreneurs

– Entrepreneur internship

Exchange programme

(1 – 3 months)


– Learning Vietnamese


– Cultural exchanging activities between Vietnamese students and international students

– Learning activities about Vietnamese culture and people

On request, homestay with local people will be arranged  international students (with priority for summer courses)

Summer Camp

(2 – 4 weeks)

– Viet Nam tourism


– Learning and exchanging activities obout Vietnamese customs

Other programme

(1 – 3 months)


To be considered for the Study Abroad, Exchange and Internship Programs must:


Office of Science Management and International Affairs

Mr. Ho Van Thai

Tel: +84(0) 84 3210 395

Ms Nguyen Minh Tu Anh

Tel: +84(0) 976952 395


Office of Postgraduate Management and International Education

Mr. Le Tran Nam

Tel: +84(0) 935717097




Address: Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

No. 12 Nguyen Van Bao, Ward 4, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


IUH Exchange Student Handbook: Click here

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